Bańska Ostoja is for everyone!

The holiday cottage Banska Ostoja is an ideal choice for everyone, regardless of age or the purpose of their trip. Families with children, a group of friends or even employees on a business trip will feel great here.

Space, privacy and additional facilities for every age group will make your moments at home enjoyable and free from boredom.

We guarantee you will be charmed!

BAŃSKA OSTOJA -  a one-of-a-kind holiday cottage

In Bańska Niżna, a unique village, we have created an equally unique place. Bańska Ostoja is one of the largest holiday cottages in the area! It can accommodate up to 8 people!

Thanks to the nature of this place, your holiday will be free from tension, stress or uneasiness. The cottage has an area of 160m²! It means that up to eight guests can have enough space for themselves. Everyone can find a place to read, think or just take a nap in peace.

Bańska Ostoja has been furnished following the latest trends, which means that just staying within these four walls should count as a pleasure. Resting on comfortable and cosy furniture while on holiday has a positive effect on a mental break from the daily routine.


The predominant finishing material is wood. We not only chose furniture made of wood, but also went a few steps further and used wood to finish the walls, ceilings and many other elements in the cottage. The light colour of the material we used makes guests feel really calm. Light-coloured wood is associated with nature, warmth and all things primal. Here you forget about your duties, haste and everything that tires you every day. To enhance this effect, we added paintings and wallpapers that depict the mountains and their inhabitants. Bańska Ostoja makes it possible to have a unique and fulfilling holiday in Podhale!

The charming and atmospheric interior design of the cottage is complemented by modern and high-quality household appliances, as well as areas and equipment for entertainment. Simply put, Bańska Ostoja is a dream holiday haven!


Why choose Bańska Ostoja? Because this place wonderfully combines everything we look for in the mountains – the climate, elements of tradition, culture and natural beauty paired with modernity.

  • Top-quality facilities, a home spa, billiards, WiFi – everything you need for your holiday is available on site, for our guests only! 100% privacy with a range of opportunities for rest.
  • The perfect logistics solutions – ski storage on-site, free parking, the distance between bedrooms and the entertainment area is large enough for those who do not want to have fun together to relax.
  • The location is perfect for enjoying what the Podhale region has to offer – the proximity of the Zakopianka highway allows for quick access to many points of interest, where you can enjoy thermal baths, horse riding, skiing, bowling and much more.
  • Helpful hosts – we have made sure that Bańska Ostoja becomes your second home during your holiday. When we furnished and equipped it, we were guided by how we would like to live ourselves. We also offer advice and assistance if required.





from 250 PLN/person

250 PLN/person




from 240 PLN/person




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ul. Papieska 170A, Bańska Niżna